Arts and Crafts

India is bestowed with perhaps the world's richest cultural heritage. Hence, the colours of tradition & creativity adorn the lifestyle of every Indian. Under the banner of eVentors we plan to showcase art and craft created by the talented artisans and craftsman. Our range of art and crafts are among the rarest from across the nation and made available to add a different flavor in your life.

Indian Village Tourism

We believe that Rural tourism actively participating in a rural lifestyle. Also, as we cannot deny that the villagers are best known by their hospitability and welcoming to the visitors warmly and hence, villages can facilitate tourism or even variant of ecotourism.

We are also a witness of migrating of rural population to the urban areas because of economic pressure. In the recent past, the vacation trend shows that the village tourism industry has been growing rapidly. It leads to income generation to the villagers. This is because, a segment of the urban population who is interested in visiting the rural areas and understanding the lifestyle.